MTG Clubs & Leagues

Clubs & Leagues
Simplify Tennis Scheduling for Tennis Coaches, Directors, Captains and Players.

MTG Clubs & Leagues

Add directly to your bottom line while helping your Center run more efficiently by minimizing open court time, and the time your staff spends filling sub requests or scheduling matches, and maximizing lesson time and merchandising.

MTG Scheduling Wizard

Players manage their own groups, track player availability, generate their own schedules and line-ups, have access to a personal calendar, and receive automated email reminders of upcoming matches for season courts, recreational leagues or USTA team

MTG Find-A-Sub

Players find their own subs! Players may alert individuals, a select group or the entire Center's sub list of a vacancy. Once confirmed, the substitute is automatically notified and added to the schedule.

MTG Announcements & Email

Your center can email all members or select groups to promote events and products. Have open court time? Use this powerful feature to fill it instantly

MTG Lesson Proposal

The pro manages his or her lesson schedule online. Pros's may alert a specific student, a select few or their whole list about available lesson times.

MTG League Pricing

MTG Leagues
FREE to setup - $9.95/per team registration
Online Player Registration
League Communication
MTG Scheduler
Priority Email Support
Unlimited Players
All MTG Team Features